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A proposal cover letter conveys the essence of the entire proposal by getting to the point. It should be no longer than a page, but even half a page can be enough to convince a reader of your idea.

Remember: the entire point of a business proposal cover letter is to capture a reader’s interest so that they read your full proposal.

It should include only the most relevant points and not be overstuffed with details or numbers. It should be interesting enough to catch someone’s interest in your proposal. Once you achieve this, there are higher chances that a reader will continue to read the full proposal. If you have never written a cover letter for a proposal, consider our catering proposal letter service to maximize your chances!

About Professional Proposal Cover Letter

A properly drafted proposal cover letter can mean the difference between acceptance or rejection.

A poorly written cover letter shows that you are:

  • Not dedicated to conveying your idea properly
  • May not be reliable as a business partner
  • May not take your business seriously
  • Are not offering what a client or investor is looking for
  • Will not capture someone’s interest

As a proposal letter is your first chance and possibly only chance to impress the reader!

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Why You Should Let Our Writing Service Help You

Need a great cover letter for a business proposal? We will write a proposal letter for you!

We know how to create a proposal cover letter that will:

  • Maximize your chances of success
  • Effectively communicate your ideas
  • Convince the reader of your integrity
  • Boost your confidence

We employ writers who have experience writing professional cover letters for a wide range of business proposals. A professionally written proposal cover letter will increase your chances of getting an affirmative response.

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