What is a proposal letter?

A proposal letter is a cover letter that is included with a business proposal as a brief summary. Just like with any cover letter, business proposal letters are written to capture someone’s interest. Just like a cover attached with a resume, a proposal cover letter aims to get an individual to read your entire proposal in detail.

It could be a bank proposal letter or a budget proposal letter what matters is a concise presentation! Feel free to check our proposal letter sample!

What makes a good proposal letter?

A good proposal letter contains a short introduction to your main idea and business proposal. These letters aim to interest a reader and get them to ask you questions! If there is a company making the proposal relevant background information should be included. The tone of the proposal letter should not be intrusive, but inviting and convincing.

Sometimes, a specific format may need to be followed to write a proposal letter and we know exactly how!

What should not be included in a proposal cover letter?

You must not include the following:

  • Unnecessary details that have no relevance to the proposal or information that the reader may already have
  • Generalities about your company or firm that do not have any relation to the matter at hand and may be of no use to the reader
  • Do not add defensive caveats that make it clear that you are trying to protect your company from liabilities
  • Do not exaggerate! Remember that you need to deliver

Learn here what is a proposal letter and succeed with your writing today!