Informal Proposal Letter Help

Even though it is known as an informal proposal letter, there is still a formal process to writing this type of proposal. Whatever you want to call it, it is still a business letter even if it is to a friend or someone you know well enough to be on a first name basis. When you have to submit a written request for permission to make a purchase or to ask for help, you always have to submit a letter of proposal. Quite often, in the case of informal business letters it is just a matter of having the paperwork in place. We can help you write the letter when you come to

Steps to writing an informal proposal letter

In an franchise proposal letter you do have to state your purpose right in the very first sentence. This is why you must be clear about what you are proposing or requesting before you start writing. The goal of the letter has to be clear and concise so as not to cause any misunderstanding in what you hope to achieve.

When you have your goal stated in an informal proposal letter, then you have to make sure you include four other major pieces of information:

  • Background information as to why you are making this proposal
  • How your proposal will solve an existing problem
  • An estimate of the cost involved
  • Restate the problem and your solution

Reasons for specific parts of an informal proposal letter

Background information is essential in every informal proposal letter. You cannot assume that the reader is as familiar as you are with the situation and the problem that needs to be solved. You may have to refresh the reader’s memory about a conversation you had about submitting the proposal through an informal business letter.

The reader has to see how your proposal will benefit those impacted by the problem. You do need to be descriptive in this part of the writing for informal and proposal letter for beauty pageant and include examples. You must also demonstrate that you have researched the most cost-effective way to bring about the solution. We can help you with writing an informal proposal letter at

An informal proposal letter is a very effective way of obtaining funding or permission for a project you want to start. Let us help you with this task at Place your order today.