Distribution Proposal Letter

For those who want to become a distributor, the key to getting a client is to write a distribution proposal letter. As the name suggests, you are writing a proposal to offer your services to a client which means you will need to do a background check on what they need in a distributor. This will help you put together a proposal that answers all their queries. Of course, the method in which you write your letter is crucial that is why letting a professional writer work on it can be to your advantage.

Tips on Writing a Distribution Proposal Letter

  • Know what the company’s requirements for a distributor are as well as the problems that constantly arise when dealing with distributors.

  • Write in brief the distributor program of the company as well as what you can offer in terms of a distributor.

  • Share your experiences as a distributor and your strategies on what makes your distribution service effective.

  • Indicate the cost of your service as well as its scope.

  • See to it that you address all the requirements of the company and that you show them why hiring you as a distributor is to their advantage.

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