Crafting Informal Proposal with Us

An informal proposal is usually sent within a company from one office to another. Sometimes it is called a memo, but it is a formal document that is kept on file. Regardless of how trivial or important the subject matter of an informal business proposal may be, you still have to stick to the standard structure of writing such a letter. It is a business letter and your reputation can depend on the manner in which you pose the proposal. When you need help in getting your ideas across, let us help you craft the best letter at

Important aspects of an informal proposal

All informal proposals must have a clearly stated purpose. The first sentence of the letter states why you are writing the letter. In this way the reader will not be in any doubt as to your intentions. There are three key questions you must answer when you start to formulate your:

  1.  What is the basis for the proposal? What problem exists that needs to be solved?
  2. How will your solution solve this problem?
  3. How much will it cost to implement this solution?

When you take a good look at what these questions are asking you realize that you really do need to know what you are talking about when you decide to submit an informal proposal to your boss or an executive in your company. You can make jot notes to help you come up with the proper way to write the proposal so that it will be accepted.

Get help crafting an informal proposal

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