Cleaning Proposal Letter

If you are running a cleaning service you will need to send a cleaning proposal letter to companies if you wish to expand your client base. This helps in promoting your company’s services instead of waiting for clients to come to you. This shows initiative and can put you in a more competitive spot compared to others. Of course, having an extensive knowledge on how a maintenance proposal letter or business letter proposal should be written can help increase your chances of being chosen. If you need help with writing your proposal letter, feel free to hire our services today.

Tips on How to Write a Cleaning Proposal Letter

  • Create a letterhead where your company’s name and information can be seen. Write about the project you are offering while outlining the kind of services that you will be providing. Focus on what makes your service better compared to others.

  • Write in detail your work specification such as the number of rooms to be cleaned, what type of cleaning services they require and so on. You should also indicate the cost of each work so your clients can get an idea of the overall cost.

  • Review your proposal for errors. This is important because submitting a proposal that is riddled with wrong information or poor content can put off your client.

Best Cleaning Service Proposal Letter

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